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My name is Anna Melnikova, but usually everyone calls me Annette. For more than 5 years I have been collecting and trying on myself only the best ways how to stay healthy,young and beautiful.

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Where is it taking place?

The entire Marathon takes place on this website, in the Base Course tab.

What do i need to do the course?

The main thing is to have the desire and mood to work every day. You can purchase the extra products here

The time required for the course

In the first days of the course, the exercises will take you 5 minutes, at the end of about 35-45 minutes.

How will it happen?

The exercises will be posted on a regular basis, every day. Sometimes a few times a day (besides the weekends). All the exercises are posted only on the website. Execises are posted at 9 a.m. and/or 12 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. Moscow time.

How do i pay?

The payment system accepts payments and automatically gives access to the course. Money transfer is possible from around the world. In case of any problems, it is best to contact technical support.

What do i get?

These will be exercises for your posture, shoulders, neck statics, skin nutrition, improvement of currents and certain facial muscles, which will allow your body to straighten up and improve the look of your face.

For pregnant ladies

Pregnant ladies can participate in the Courses, but will have to skip a few exercises (such exercises will be labeled). You can participate if your pregnancy is proceeding well and without any problems.


Reports from you are optional, but desirable. After all, this is how I can understand what and how exactly the participants of the course do the exercises. However, this does not mean an individual consultation!


Do not rush to ask questions! First make sure that the site really does not answer your question. Live chat is constantly working to resolve technical issues


In the BasicAdvanced 1Advanced 2 Courses there is a competition for the best result, in which the participants of the course themselves choose the best of the best.


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