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Intimate. Immersive. Illuminating. This is TICC

First-of-its-kind, TICC, brings together the global content creators, industry experts, keynote speakers, content enthusiasts, and brand associates from all around the globe to learn from and celebrate the world of social media and content. Hosted in the fascinating city of Abu Dhabi, TICC is a must-attend content marketing summit.

Four days of engaging and entertainment opportunities

  • Panel Discussions/Keynote Speakers on Scripting the Future of Content
  • World’s First Global Content Creator’s Awards Night
  • A Range of Remarkable Off-site Experiences
  • Incredible Concerts Performed by A++ Artists

A truly exhilarating experience filled with discussions about content trends and its future; networking opportunities; entertainment; and a lot more.


An opportunity for all attendees to learn from and engage with brand luminaries and globally-recognized keynote speakers.


A chance to meet and engage with the most influential global content creators from 10 diverse business industries.


Numerous opportunities for content creators, brand associates, delegates, and attendees to engage, learn, collaborate, sponsor and connect.

Why Attend?


Come together and learn about the future of social media with content creators and keynote speakers through workshops, panel discussions, and a lot more.


Network with the most influential content creators of the gaming, fashion, beauty, sports & fitness, entertainment, nutrition, automotive, technology, and education sectors.


Celebrate the achievements of global content creators at the grand TICC Awards 2020, coupled with a series of top-rated concerts and unique off-site experiences.

Connect as a Content Creator

Do you have engaging stories, personalized journeys, innovative social media concepts, or impactful influencer strategies? Come, share them and inspire a large audience.

  • Meet the best global content creators from the gaming, beauty, fitness, fashion, entertainment, food, travel, automotive, technology, and education industry.
  • Get numerous opportunities to create unique content, speak, participate, share, and also associate with numerous brands.
  • Produce content by the hour and keep your followers engaged and entertained.

Attend as a Delegate

Are you a content marketer or an aspiring influencer on the lookout for the latest and greatest content trends and influencer strategies? Then TICC is the place for you!

  • Be inspired by the evolving content marketing strategies from the world’s most influential content creators and social media leaders.
  • Learn how to leverage social media to enhance your brand’s awareness and affinity.
  • Discover how social media legends consistently create content to increase their followers and keep existing followers engaged.
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Be a Brand Associate

Do you want to indulge in an authentic engagement experience with a large and relevant audience? At TICC, you can explore an array of exciting opportunities to showcase your brand to your consumers.

  • Reach out to 1 billion eyes and connect with the relevant target audience for your brand.
  • Associate with the most celebrated content marketers of your spectrum and have an increased reach for your brand/product/service.
  • Promote your latest products to a large pool of consumers and get numerous opportunities to launch a new product/service.
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